People behind the project

The partnership

LP: Municipality of Trabia, Italy

Trabia is located on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily. Its traditional economy based on artisanal fishing activities has been declining in the recent years due to the development of industrial fisheries. Nonetheless, Trabia reveals a strong level of potential for touristic development. This is the result of both the presence of accommodation facilities, restaurants and general services and most importantly of its strategic location halfway between Palermo and Cefalù, two major tourist attractions. Trabia is also renowned for its many beaches, monuments and the Lanza Castle. Although its potential is high,Trabia is not regarded as a touristic site by the general public and it is often passed or ignored by tourists moving from one place to the other. It is therefore important to include fishing tourism in Trabia as a part of a larger touristic picture present in the area as well as to present it as an opportunity to experience the heritage of knowledge and skills of traditional maritime crafts.


PP1: Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo – PRISM, Italy

PRISM originates from the heart of the Sicilian inland, upon initiative of professionals working in the field of intercultural cooperation and dialogue, both on European and international level. Its Mission is to create opportunities for the development of the territories where it operates, in order to promote them internationally on an economical, cultural and social level. PRISM is designed as a qualified development agent, able to intercept and implement on a local level the support and development policies promoted by supranational organisations, in particular the European Commission. PRISM promotes excellence as well as the professional and entrepreneurial competence present in the local area, particularly of young people, providing them with valid support for their expression on European and international level and encouraging the dissemination of good practices and the transferring of know-how.


PP2: Promimpresa srl, Italy

Promimpresa is a smart, dynamic and flexible enterprise, that specialises in a varied range of services. In particular: professional training; business consulting; European Projects Management; personnel selection; issue of language and information technology qualifications. Promimpresa implements a practical learning approach and word, image and experience based teaching methods, as well as thorough discussions and evaluation processes. The training courses are aimed at all business levels, from top managers to executives, therefore Promimpresa adopts different and tailor made teaching methodologies. Its expertise also branches out into European Projects, an area in which Promimpresa is steadily and actively involved and has achieved great success and recognition.


PP3: Delfi Partners & Co., Cyprus

Delfi Partners & Company is a boutique investment banking, real estate asset management and workout practice based in Nicosia, Cyprus. As an advisory, workout and transaction management partnership, DP specialises in providing value-enhancing strategies for financial institutions, investors and fund managers who are seeking to optimise their portfolios, bringing substantial know-how and a unique combination of investment banking experience, real estate asset management and optimisation services for large loan, asset and REO portfolios. DP has also been involved in the design and implementation of the national tourism strategy of Cyprus and is frequently involved in strategic governmental projects.


PP4: University of Piraeus, Greece

The University of Piraeus is located at the heart of Mediterranean Sea, most famous for its most outstanding multifunctional seaport. The Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus is committed to transferring its expertise through means of a high-quality educational programmes: its uniqueness is a strong vocational orientation combined with academic vigour. Conceived as an outmost modern academic institution, the Department of Maritime Studies applies modern pedagogical methods based on the use of novel technology, and on the evolution of the ancient greek method of education. Thanks to the collaboration with several companies and the participation to numerous projects, both on local and international level, the Department is able to combine theoretical courses with the opportunity for practical experience.


PP5: Cyprus University Of Technology, Cyprus

The academic and professional achievements of Cyprus University of Technology in the recent years have made CUT into an internationally competitive and recognized academic and research institution as well as one of the best universities in the Country. CUT's vision is to become a modern and innovative University with international recognition, which promotes excellence in education and research in cutting-edge fields, aiming at the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural upgrading of our country. Its Mission is to provide high-quality education and high-level training and to promote lifelong learning with modern pedagogical methods, to produce and disseminate scientific knowledge through research and teaching, and through the contribution towards addressing challenges in the fields of Science and Technology, as well as to become a catalyst for society.


PP6: Durres Municipality, Albania

Durrës Municipality is proud of centuries of history, that are reflected in its many monuments, archeological sites and local traditions. Today, its overall vision is strengthening local economic development through the promotion of natural, economic, social and human resources. This vision is also reflected into the Territorial Strategy. Durrës Municipality is directly involved in concrete actions and projects, on local, regional, national and European level. In particular, Durrës Municipality is committed to implement the recent local territorial strategic plan in order to enhance sustainable local economic development and the tourism sector, to promote and preserve cultural heritage, to increase the local employment rate and to improve the overall quality of live for its citizens.


PP7: Italian Chamber of Commerce for France in Marseille, France

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for France in Marseille (CCIFM) has the aim of increasing bilateral economic and commercial relations between France and Italy and it has become a strategic interlocutor for those who want to efficiently explore the two markets of reference for concrete business opportunities. CCIFM belongs to a unique network in the world made up of 78 CCIE (Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad present in 54 countries) that work to promote the internationalization of companies and promote the Made in Italy brand in the world. Headquartered in Marseille, well rooted in the French territory through its five delegations: Montpellier, Brignoles, Toulouse, Avignon, Ajaccio and with an opening on the Mediterranean, the Chamber is active in the permanent monitoring of business opportunities offered by the territories in which it operates in order to support with maximum effectiveness Italian and French companies in their internationalization process.


PP8: PETRA PATRIMONIA CORSICA – Coopérative pour le développement de l’emploi dans les métiers du patrimoine, France

Petra Patrimonia Corsica is a French cooperative located in the island of Corsica. Petra Patrimonia Corsica specialises in the support of project leaders in the fields of: eco-construction heritage (HERITAGE PETRA); agricultural, landscape and environmental heritage (PETRA PATRIMONIA FOLIA) and maritime heritage and sea crafts (PETRA PATRIMONIA MARITIMA). Petra Patrimonia Corsica, a real alternative to business creation, allows project leaders to develop their activities differently, within a legal, secure, formative & innovative framework. This framework makes it possible first of all to test the viability of a project in concrete terms, then to undertake a long-term project within the cooperative, under the coverage of a recently promoted legal status, enabling the collaboration between entrepreneurs and employees.


PP9: Haliéus, Italy

The NGO Haliéus was founded on the initiative of experts and representatives of the fishing sector of Legacoop (National League of Cooperatives and Mutuals), with a common vision of a world in which communities are able to take sustainable development paths through appropriate management and enhancement of natural resources, and the progressive expansion of the capacities of individuals. To this end, the Association promotes cooperative enterprise as a tool of empowerment of individuals and communities, and enhances the best experiences and know-how of Italian cooperative enterprises for the benefit of the communities of partner countries in a perspective of co-development. WIth this aim, Haliéus is committed to the designing, writing and management of international development cooperation projects.


PP10: Valenciaport Foundation, Spain

The Valenciaport Community Foundation for Research, Promotion and Business Studies (Valenciaport Foundation) is a private non-profit organisation. It emerges as a tool at the service of the projection of the Community Logistics-Port, constituting a core of research, training and cooperation with criteria of excellence. The Valenciaport Foundation is an initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia, in addition to associations, companies and institutions. It is currently present in more than twenty countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and and Latin America, developing cooperation and internationalisation projects, as well as carrying out an intense activity at the service of the Spanish logistics chain in both research and training.