Our project has finally reached its most crucial phase: pilot test season is officially here! Most of our partners are getting ready to implement their pilot tests, while some of us have already carried out a few.


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That’s the case for Trabia, in Sicily, that on September 29th and 30th was the destination for many tourists who signed up for a unique fishing tourism experience, on board of our fishermen’s boats. Six vessels were involved for these first trips. 

The tests were a success, as they scored great satisfaction among tourists and fishermen. The weather gifted us of two beautiful sunny days filled with intense experience and learning as well as the tasting of the fish caught and, of course, an Italian “spaghettata” to top the day off! The training implemented in the framework of the project TOURISMED aims at transferring the appropriate knowledge to run a fishing tourism business activity to the target groups (fishermen and fishery associations members) who will be the main actors in implementing the fishing tourism.