Details on the Regional Event in Greece

On the 20th of May 2019, in Piraeus (Greece), University of Piraeus organized a regional TOURISMED event that took place at the Conference Hall, in the Central Building of the University of Piraeus.

More than 80 participants, representatives from the fishing tourism business sector from Attica and from Greek islands, from the research community, from Ministry of Tourism and the ERDF Operational Programme of Fisheries and Maritime along with locals attended the event and had the chance to discuss about fishing tourism activities in Greece. Starting from the TOURISMED business model, speakers discussed ongoing matters and prospects of this new business line. TOURISMED target groups, fishermen and representative of restaurant association that participated in TOURISMED pilot projects, training courses and study visit in Corsica described their experience and the advantages of being part of Greek focus group. They all stressed out the importance of commonly organized systematic marketing activities in Greece and abroad in order to reach the maximum benefits. The ultimate target is to sustain the traditional profession of fishermen and combine it with qualitative tourism activities for an extensive touristic period, from May till September. All TOURISMED deliverables and tools, the business model, the crowdsourcing platform and the mobile application can help towards this perspective.